My first blog post

November 30, 2017



Dear All


Please bear with me...this is very exciting but very scary at the same time. I've never written a blog before and equally have never set up a website or an online company, so I'm on a very steep learning curve!


We've set up DressageOnline as we wanted to adopt a fresh approach to online competitions, initially dressage. We have SO many ideas for the future; this is going to be an organic company that will listen to you, the competitors. So, if you would like classes or events, please suggest them. 


We go 'live' on December 1st with a short 2 week window to 'test' the system before we start with leagues and the proper stuff for January. 


Wherever possible British dressage judges will be used to ensure quality and consistent judging. 


Record a test, upload it to YouTube or WhatsApp it to us along with your details. Give us a go.....


We love feedback too, please don't hesitate to talk to us.


Ride, record, enter then relax!




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