Checklist for a successful test

☐    Is your video in landscape and have you zoomed in to be 1/3 of the screen so the judge can see you?


☐       Check the YouTube link works and the video is set to unlisted or public.


☐       Have you introduced yourself, horse, test, month and DO?


☐         Do you know the test (are you riding the correct one for the class!?)


☐         Be accurate in riding the movements (so many marks are lost through inaccuracy)


☐         Make sure your postal address is correct on your entry.


☐       Wear gloves.


☐         Boots can be worn but no training aids - martingales etc.


☐         Record before the turn down the centre line and stop recording after the move off after the final halt.


☐         Don’t video into the sun and if it’s dark(ish) wear light clothing and light boots on the horse.


☐         Watch your video with your sheet when you get it back to see what the judge has commented on.


☐         Enjoy and smile!!!