2020 Leagues

League rosettes to the top 10 in both leagues.

Fabulous goody boxes to the top 5.

The overall winner in 2020 won a Dressage Online numnah and an online training session with the trainer of their choice. 


*********** Overall winner of 2018 was invited to the yard of Spencer Wilton************* 

*********** Overall winner of 2019 had an online lesson with Nicole Weinauge***********

*********** Overall winner of 2020 had an online lesson with Christoph Hess ************

Got to be in it to win it!

2021 Results League:

Your highest percentage score for each month will go towards your 6 monthly total for the individual (and team, if applicable) leagues. 

2021 Loyalty League:

Each class entry is worth 1 point. You score points for every class you enter, the more you enter, the more points you will accrue. Points can be redeemed against class entries and also DO merchandise (coming soon!) 

For current league standings click here.



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