2020 Leagues

League rosettes to the top 10 in both leagues.

Fabulous goodie boxes to the top 5.

The overall winner last year won a Dressage Online rug and an online training session with the trainer of their choice. 


*********** Overall winner of 2018 was invited to the yard of Spencer Wilton************* 

*********** Overall winner of 2019 had an online lesson with Nicole Weinauge***********

Got to be in it to win it!

2020 Results League:

Your highest percentage score for each month will go towards your yearly total for the individual (and team, if applicable) leagues. 

2020 Loyalty League:

Each class entry is worth 1 point. You score points for every class you enter, the more you enter, the more points you will accrue. 

For current league standings click here.



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