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The boring bit....Rules!

There are a few rules to help make your Dressage Online experience as easy and fun as possible. We have tried to keep them as simple as possible, if you have any further questions please email us:

Clothing and Tack:

  • You can ride in your normal schooling clothing although gloves must be worn along with a BSI standard hat, you are not expected to wear competition clothing, plaiting of your horse is not required either. We would like to make this as stress free and easy as possible!

  • Your horse should be in his/her normal tack including bit, neck straps, breastplates, boots or bandages are permitted, however please ensure that no martingales are used. Plaiting of your horse is not required. 

  • Where possible, please ride in an area of 20m x 40m. If this is not possible, please try and use an area as close to that size. Arenas must be correctly marked with the dressage letters in the correct sequence. 

  • You can have a caller but coaching is not allowed during the test.

  • We will judge your test in the traditional way. Your results will be posted on social media and other platforms and test sheets will be emailed and sent to you via mail as soon as possible following judging. 

  • Please ensure the video has not been used before either for Dressage Online, another online company or a traditional dressage competition.

  • Please enter a class appropriate for your level, guidelines are given on the entry pages. If in doubt please contact us.

  • You are very welcome to enter two tests at consecutive levels, but not three. For example you can enter prelim and novice but not intro, prelim and novice.

  • For all British Dressage tests we adhere to the official BD tack requirements. If you unsure if an item is permitted the guidelines can be found here: 

Video Guidelines:

Please record from behind C and keep the sound on at all times. 

  • Please video in landscape format.

  • Aim to keep the horse in the centre of the screen, zoom only when necessary for the judge to see the movements, for example when you are at the A end of the school. 

  • You must video in the best possible quality that your device allows.

  • Please record from just before entry at A until the move off after the final halt.

  • If the video is of poor quality, we will do our best to judge it, however if specific movements can't be seen we cannot accept responsibility for the loss of marks. Where time permits we will offer suggestions for improvement for future test recording. If the video is submitted at least a week prior to the cut off time, Dressage Online will give the competitor the option to submit a second test. 

Entries and Results:

  • Please ensure at the start of your video you have introduced yourself, your horse, test ridden, month and that your entry is for Dressage Online (this can be done by your videographer).

  • Once an entry has been accepted, entry fees will not be refunded.

  • Very rarely mistakes may be made with calculating percentages, please ensure we are notified  by email within 24 hours of receipt of your test sheet and we will endeavour to rectify any errors. 

  • The judge's decision is final. No communication or discussion will be entered into by Dressage Online Ltd. any of its representatives or the judge involved. Any objection or appeal regarding a score must be made in writing to within 24 hours of the test sheet being sent to you.

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